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Great Hardware

All our activities benefit from the best hardware available. Not only does this help us sleep well at night, you can also rest assured that everything will live up to your expectations.

As a Ruckus Wireless reseller and a Ruckus Big Dog, our certified employees are continuously trained in the latest advances in the field of WiFi.

Brainiac stuff

All our employees are specialized in their own fields of expertise. Whether you need Channel Bonding, Load balancing, adaptive streaming, Wireless point-to-point links, DRM content or just a damn good cup of coffee, we surround us with the right people for the right job!


We are constantly pushing our boundaries by combining different technologies. Streaming a HD camera feed from a drone? Sending a WiFi signal as far a few miles? Providing up to 20.000 visitors with a clear WiFi signal?

Every idea is worth looking into and worth developing from a technical point of view. So, hand over your crazy ideas, they will definitely make up for an interesting conversation. 😉

Happy clients